If you are interested in Quantum Physics a bit, you’ve probably heard of Schrödinger’s Cat. Schrödinger’s Cat is a thought experiment devised by Erwin Schrödinger. Schrödinger attempted to indicate to us, the contradiction of common sense and illogical things in the very small one’s wold. Briefly, it examines the relationship of a cat, a flask of poison, a Geiger counter, a bottle crusher mechanism, and a radioactive element that are source placed in a selected box, and the relationship between them, in terms of quantum.
When radioactive decay occurs in the box, the Geiger counter will detect it. After detecting it, the mechanism will crush the poison-filled bottle and the poison will cause a cat to die.

However, since radioactive decay is at the atomic level in the world of very small ones’, quantum rules will step in. It will be thought overlapping probability wave radioactive atom decay and not decayed. By means of this, it will be both of the decay and not decayed situation until an observer observes. Therefore, the cat will be both living and dead as long as the box is closed!
If we put a cat that can survive without eating and drinking anything during 300 days to the box, what will be happen to the cat when the box will be open after 300 days?
A. Dead
B. Alive
C. Cat Bones
There is an interesting thought experiment that contradicts common sense again. If it is superposition(that means the ability in the quantum theory of an object, such as an atom or sub-atomic particle, to be in more than one quantum state at the same time.) the cat should never die until we observe, rather it should be both living and dead position.
What does it mean if we see cat bones? Or is there any possibility to see cat bones inside the box after we opened it 300 days later?