Spoon, which is developed by Code Systems (Xenocode) was released. You can access and try it from the http://www.spoon.net(Turbo.net)  address.

So what is spoon?

Spoon allows users to run applications instantly from their web browsers with a single click. Spoon takes only minutes to deploy and embeds directly into your existing web site.
Spoon allows most apps to launch after downloading less than 10% of the app. Adaptive background downloading continues during execution.

• Run Apps Directly on Your Site
Create a Flash-like experience from standard Windows applications.

• Eliminate Long Downloads
Innovative streaming technology allows most applications to launch with less than 10% of the content transferred.

• No Code Changes
Spoon works with existing, unmodified applications. No source code is required.

• Zero Installation
Give your users single click, zero-setup access to your entire app portfolio.

• Boost Conversions and Revenue
Replace downloads and setups with instant, in-browser execution.

• New Monetization Opportunities
Present advertising, chat, upsells, and other revenue-generating content alongside your apps.

• Run Anywhere
Apps are available wherever your users go – on the road, locked-down desktops, and even portable USB devices.

Spoon uses machine learning technology to automatically decompose complex applications into smaller functional and data units. These pieces are adaptively selected for background transfer based on observed behavior as the user progresses through the application.
Spoon is tightly coupled with the industry-leading Xenocode® application virtualization engine. Virtualization packages applications into single, pre-configured executables that run instantly in isolated “sandboxes”, eliminating installation and dependencies.

Have fun …